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Our assortment of games like Heroes of may and Magic features other fantasy turn based strategy games for you to enjoy.

The Heroes of Might and Magic has become a long running series of games that use change based mechanics in a dream setting. With a large number of games released since its initial launch in 1995 the series boasts games on many platforms along side a lot of spin-off titles.

The core Might and Magic series calls the turn based strategy genre home with players armies that are recruiting fight for them, gathering resources, getting around the map and combat developing the key mechanics associated with show. The Heroes of Might and Magic collection is most notably known for the mixture of RPG and strategy mechanics though through the hero system which lets players customise hero devices to lead their military to success with varies artefacts, spells and stats.

The games like Heroes of Might and Magic that you’ll find on our collection below give attention to other fantasy based games of a turn based or basic strategy nature.

Divinity: Original Sin

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Divinity: Original Sin offers solo and co-operative game play that blends dream, strategy and role playing together. By having a living and respiration game globe you possibly can make title yourself and direct the course of this adventure one change at any given time. Set in a game globe full of fantasy players will assume the part of two source hunters whom belong to a effective organization bent on eliminating the dangerous supply magic off said world. In solitary player you’ll control both these protagon. [Browse Review]

Master of Magic

Master of Magic is amongst the older turn based strategy games with 4X elements being released in 1994 and since revived through the impressive game collection of Master of Magic features a fantasy theme dedicated to the entire world of magic with the player taking control of a wizard as he attempts to dominate two worlds which can be linked together by unique portals (known as Towers of Wizadry). Those two globes are called Myrror and Arcanus, with all the latter being just like world with a variety . [Browse Review]

Europa Universalis IV

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Europa Universalis IV continues the strategy that is grand developed by Paradox. As the 4th game in the series it’s one of the better yet with an abundance of improvements over the originals. A majority of these improvements focus on bringing the overall game complexity down to attract new players towards the show and never fans that are just long-time. The game begins in 1444 and will just take you all the way as much as 1821 (although you can start at lots of points in between). It follows the world’s countries associated with the e. [Read Review]


Dofus is just a turn based MMORPG that started in France and it has rapidly expanded around the world ever since then. The game ended up being therefore successful so it has result in a number of spin down games including Wakfu which continues the story of the Dofus universe. Set in the global world of Twelve (called following the 12 gods of this game globe) the range of surroundings and classes are perhaps one of the most attractive components of Dofus. Character customisation is specially impressive with numerous customisation solutions from . [Study Review]

King’s Bounty: The Legend

King’s Bounty: The Legend supplies you with on an adventure that featured turn that is tactical combat and all the part playing elements you will need to make the tale your own. It’s a potent mix of real-time adventure and strategic change based battles. The dream world of King’s Bounty: The Legend is filled with knights, mages and powerful kings where play that is you’ll the hero through exploration, combat and quests. Sworn to the master into the realm of Endoria you find yourself just complete. [Read Review]

Therian Saga

Therian Saga provides players a mixture that is intriguing of and sandbox gameplay as players will generate their unique hero while exploring, fighting, crafting, farming, hunting and much more. Those something that is seeking from a web browser based adventure will no doubt be totally hooked on this change based like RPG that very nearly feels as though a Dungeon & Dragons quest. Using its sandbox style approach Therian Saga renders a lot of choice into the tactile fingers associated with player. Perhaps you want to explore the world that is rich . [Study Review]

Shattered Union

Shattered Union is a change based game available for Windows and Xbox. The games focus is on the combat side of things while offering a good amount of combat strategy for players to explore. In Shattered Union players are going to be battling over the united states of america in our contemporary world. After a tied up vote and disputed election the United States begins to crumble. This event leads David Jefferson Adams to be President for the usa under some false pretences which eventually leads to an attack that is nuclear Washin. [Read Review]

Chronilogical age of Wonders III

Chronilogical age of Wonders III re-energises the show having an providing that keeps the fantasy that is high but refines the 4X and turn based strategy elements. Released in 2014 you’ve got player that is single multiplayer and co-operative game play all in one single. Using control of your personal battle you’ll be thrown right into a leadership part while you explore, interact and fight as you expand your woosa search empire. While during the core regarding the experience it is about turn based with 4X elements you’ll find a number also of role-playing elements . [Study Review]

Age of Miracles II: The Wizard’s Throne

Chronilogical age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne builds on the adventure of the Age that is original of to deliver another solid mix of strategy and part having fun with plenty of fantasy warfare in between. With a three 12 months space between releases (1999 to 2002) and also the turn for the century in between offers an abundance of improvements a few of which being driven by the quick enhancement in video game equipment. In this adventure players will join the elite ranks of an immortal wizards group (Circle of Evermore) as. [Browse Review]