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NUTRILITE ™ DOUBLE X ™ with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, 186 tab.

Nutrilite history

Ever since NUTRILITE

Dozens of scientists from our own research institute Nutrilight

It contains an optimized dose of components that are easy to get from food, and an increased dosage of elements that are deficient in our region. The patented production technology has significantly increased the phytonutrient content. More than 20,000 tests of 1,000 different extracts allowed us to choose the most effective combination of phytonutrients that enhance each other’s action.

They neutralize free radicals, and also activate internal defenses to fight in them at the DNA level.

Updated Nutrilite

Excess free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidants. This is facilitated by:

Phytonutrient combination of rosemary, turmeric and Japanese sophora extracts in NUTRILITE

Japanese Sophora extract.

A unique combination of carefully selected NUTRILITE phytonutrients

For anyone looking for NUTRILITE’s uncompromising health support

The content of vitamins and minerals has been balanced, taking into account the greatest vitamin deficiency among the population of Russia. The increased content of vitamins that provide the body with energy to cope with the growing stress. The combination and dosage of minerals for better absorption and assimilation.